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Handbag Purse Organizer with LED light

Item No: CAC03001

Price: Euro € 14,95







Lighted handbag - Organize your bag in seconds!

Pockets Key Clips Secures Organizer, with LED Light!

Thoughtful gift !


Purse Organizer is a LIGHTED purse organizer with 14 expandable pockets for your keys, glasses, checkbook, makeup, cell

phone and more. There is even a special hidden pocket for credit cards, pills or other personal items.

Purse Organizer keeps everything in plain sight and right at your fingertips. It fits any handbag and leaves room in the middle

for larger items, such as your wallet. Plus, it has an ultra-bright light built in so you can find things quickly, even in the dark.

With Purse Organizer, you can easily transfer it from purse to purse.

And it is also great for gym bags, diaper bags, tote bags and beach bags.




Approx. 66.5cm x 11.5cm


Light-Brown, see details in the pictures above


Handbag Purse Organizer with 14 Pockets




1 piece + LED Light


Brand new, packed in a see-through bag