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DIY Face Facial Skin Care Beauty Compressed Paper Mask - 100 PCS + Gift: 2x Soak-Bottles

Item No: FCM05001

Price: Euro € 13,99 / 100 pcs







Tighten your pores, remove excess oil from the skin

Moisturize and replenish dry skin instantly

Easy - Light - Magical

* Portable beauty compressed DIY facial paper mask.

* Specially designed facial paper mask provides comfort and convenience in a tablet form.

* It is made of soft and comfort natural cellulose fiber.

* Easy to use and storage, this beauty facial mask is perfect for carry and go. Anytime and anywhere to meet your facial cacre


* Each pack contains 100 pieces paper mask.

How to use a compressed paper mask for a DIY facial:

1, Soak the compressed mask paper in a liquid. Leave until the soaked paper becomes swollen. Suitable liquid includes milk,

egg, syrup or any other facial product.

2, Unfold the soaked paper.

3, Apply to face and leave on for 10-20 minutes until the facial product is absorbed.

( Tip: You can put clay on top of the paper mask for better result ).

4, Wash your face with clean water.


The paper is dry and compressed, there isn’t any facial product.