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Collagen - SPA Golden Crystal Bionic Eye Mask SETS

Item No: FCM01002

Price: Euro € 9,99 /10 Pairs





Once you attach the mask, eye and pouch swellings will be eliminated quickly

Apply to:

• Those lacking sleep, leading an irregular life or staying up late into the night;

• Those who have used eye makeup for long or have been using cosmetics improperly;

• Eyelids due to over fatigue and excessive use of eye, (Computer usage for many hours!)

• Daily eye care for common people.


Every pair is individually packed in an independently sealed sheet.

It contains unique natural 100% collagen and Vitamin B5, capable of boosting the circulation of moisture of the skin below the

eye parts and give new energy to the skin.

It quickly releases hyaluronic acid, cell growth factors, VA and VE deep into the skin so as to quickly activate ageing cells to

improve the elasticity of skin, to tighten the skin and to minimize eye swells and eyelids.

Moreover, it mitigates eye fatigue and black circles, arising from many different causes. In this way you will be able to have

shiny, sparkling and tender eyes!

Usage and dosage:

Apply the mask onto the area, just below the eyes, each time during a period of minimal 20-30 minutes.

In the beginning, once a day, after 15 days, once every 1-2 days.

You can also use it when you have eye strain.


* Only for external use.

* Do not reuse the eye mask.

* Avoid using on scratched skin.

* Stop using the products if you feel discomfort.

* Please store in a cool and dry place, and avoid the sunlight.

* Keep away from children.


100% new in individual Packed & Sealed;

Per 40 pieces packed in a box.