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100% Bamboo Fiber Compressed Towel Biodegradable Anti-Bacterial

Item No: FCM05002

Price: Euro €12,90/10pcs



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Silky Soft, Covenient, ideally for Travelling, Sporting and Cleaning



These towels are super convenient. They are a handy 30 x 60cm towel compressed down to the size of an Oreo cookie. To

expand, you just splash them with a bit of water to loosen them up. Packaged in convenient stacks of 10 that you can toss in

your glove box. Or pop a couple out to keep in your purse, pocket, or messenger bag.


Great for anytime you're on the go, just add water for a moist wipe anywhere you are. Great for mopping up sweat after

outdoor activities like hiking, biking and camping, they're also great for cleaning up accidental spills and messes. They're super

soft and lint free, so they're great for keeping glasses smudge free too.


These towels are made from sustainably grown bamboo, and are unbleached, perfume free and environmentally friendly to

produce. They're silky soft, yet tough enough to be rinsed and reused several times, and when you're done with them, you can

just toss them on the compost heap as they're 100% biodegradable.




30 x 60cm / 12” x 23.5”


Natural Bamboo


Compressed Towel


100% Bamboo Fiber


10 Piecess




Brand new. Packaged in convenient stacks of 10